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The project is co-financed by the European Union through the European Regional Development Fund.

Incubator of Creative Industries will be oriented towards innovation, creative and it sector

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The total value of the project is 13,409,103.25 HRK, for which 100% financing from the European Regional Development Fund has been approved.

City of Koprivnica as applicant and Koprivnički poduzetnik Ltd. as a project partner at the initial conference held at the Campus marked the start of the project "Construction of Incubator of Creative Industries". The Creative Incubator Building will be expanded to 1441.44 m2 and will provide 19 functional-space units for 40 companies. Entrepreneurs involved with creative industries will have access to modern technical equipment and software that will ensure quality working conditions.

The incubator will provide the option of connecting offices with open spaces, with subsidized prices, which will create favorable conditions to entrepreneurs to start a business. In order for the Incubator users to use the best quality of services, a curriculum will be developed for the application of IT educations in creative industries and a curriculum for the implementation of the accelerator program. Companies that deal exclusively with the product design will be able to create a prototype of their product through 3D modeling with the ability to visualize 3D models and create protypes and parts for more complex objects that have a moving mechanism. Through the CRM monitoring system, the Incubator will monitor the operations and work of all users, enabling companies to be as coordinated and interconnected as possible.

"The future incubator is intended for industries whose activities are based on individual creativity, skills and talent, and have the potential to create jobs through the use of intellectual property." said Mišel Jakšić, Mayor of the City of Koprivnica.

"This project is inspired by the situation of the fully incubated area of the present incubator, which means 25 entrepreneurs in the incubator and 30 more entrepreneurs registered at our address, so-called virtual office, and more and more queries of young people wanting to realize their idea or simply experimenting with entrepreneurship. Our plans for development of entrepreneurship in Koprivnica will certainly not end with this project because with this project we have just started the development cycle of programs, incentives, measures, new infrastructure (small production facilities, modular warehouse for SMEs, „Flying Kitchen“), and the development of ICT. " said Martina Golcic, CEO of Koprivnički poduzetnik ltd.

"The project of construction the Incubator of creative industries is of utmost importance for the Croatian economy. It will provide opportunities for new entrepreneurs, start-ups, as well as those who require additional support, to develop innovative products and to market them. This is also a place where entrepreneurs can learn from each other, through additional education and counseling they can connect and share ideas and in that way they can improve their growth and development. We believe that the approved money will be invested successfully." said Nataša Kulakovski Kramarić, Assistant Minister of Economy, Entrepreneurship and Crafts.

The ultimate goal is to provide competitive advantage to existing entrepreneurs and start-up entrepreneurs from the sphere of creative industries through infrastructure and programs focused on growth and development. All creative entrepreneurs who will show interest for the use of incubated space or mentoring through these programs will ultimately be able to achieve better market placement and ease of business, and thus enhance local business activity.

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