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The project is co-financed by the European Union through the European Regional Development Fund.

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Incubator of Creative Industries Koprivnica

Orientation to innovation, creative and IT sector, and creation of a stimulating business environment.

About the project

The project of construction of creative industries incubator has been developed with the aim of creating a stimulating business environment in order to provide preconditions for facilitating growth, development and job creation, and contributing to strengthen the competitiveness of the local economy.


Program IT edukacija

IT education program

Program includes education of programming mobile applications and php / mysql / html4 / javascript (web applications), virtual reality design, product design and digital marketing

Accelerator program

It is created by start-up entrepreneurs for start-ups with systematic support for entrepreneurs with CRM system which has a large amount of structured data that reduces time needed for enterprise administration and market research, and allows a stronger focus on growth and development of enterprise.

Akcelerator program
3D printing time-share

3D printing time-share

A service that allows users to create a prototype of their product with the purpose of checking its quality before mass production.

Incubator of Creative Industries

About the project
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